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Seaside Sustainability Environmental Business & Marketing Entrepreneurial Internship

Seaside Sustainability, Inc. Internship 

Contact Internship and Career Advisor about academic credit eligibility


Seaside Sustainability develops community-based sustainability initiatives and provides hands-on, adventure learning opportunities through environmental education. Our programs and initiatives encourage members of the community young and old to build and nurture a relationship with local land and seascapes. We believe that environmental challenges are rooted in a neglect to instill ethical and social responsibility into our existence. We address these issues by illuminating the heavy costs of environmental degradation, and providing resources to develop skills, solutions, and community involvement to counterbalance that impact.  With Seaside Sustainability, there are myriad internship opportunities, relevant to almost any future interest.


Are we a good fit for you?  

We are looking for part-time and full-time interns to work on a diverse and challenging array of projects and initiatives.  Our interns engage in focused learning experiences where they receive guidance and resources to apply newfound knowledge and skills to their emerging professional lives.  We are accepting interns to work BETWEEN 5 AND 20 HOURS A WEEK for an unpaid internship for all days and practically all hours: weekdays, weekends, and evenings included.  We mostly prefer to have our local interns work in the office in Rockport during the school year and summer, though we do accept a limited number interns that can work remotely. Interns from our local partner schools including Gordon, Endicott and Montserrat must work in the office.  If you want to be part of an exciting team at a dedicated entrepreneurial start-up and come away with valuable workforce skills and a great recommendation, contact us!

Potential Work:

The work and opportunities interns are exposed to are interesting, diverse and stimulating!  Our interns are never bored because they’re given REAL and MEANINGFUL work. Some of the roles you might explore during an internship include:  Business Development; Marketing & Social Media; Research, Writing & Program Development; Consulting; Project Management; Website Design; Videography and Field Operations.  Interns will not be limited to just one role; we encourage each intern to take advantage of the opportunity to explore a variety of roles & responsibilities.  


Interns will work in our office at 45 Broadway, Rockport, MA. (The office is a different location than our permanent mailing address, 79 Eastern Ave, Essex, MA.)

Academic Credit:

The Directors at Seaside work alongside colleges and universities to provide students with the resources and opportunities to meet any program requirements for accredited internship requirements.  We will assist interns in creating learning goals that align with the internship duties and provide written documentation of work performed, recommendations, and evaluations for students.  

What does Seaside do?

Seaside Sustainability, Inc., a 501(c)(3), not for profit, charitable organization engages in sustainability-oriented programs & initiatives. Through these projects, we collaborate with local and regional community partners, addressing the specific environmental needs of the communities we serve. The following programs and initiatives are some examples of topics through which we are able to integrate our lifelong-learning methodology into the internship experience.  NOTE: not all programs and initiatives are reflected on the seaside sustainability website;  

  • Local Sustainability Initiatives: These sustainability initiatives are local projects that aim to bring our environmental footprint to the forefront. We work with a wide network of partners and funders to create and implement sustainability initiatives both locally and regionally. By doing this we aim to simultaneously educate the local population and create sustainable communities.
  • Experiential Programs: The initial focus of this organization, our local adventure programming, focuses on getting kids outside, unplugged, and engaged with their community and environment. The majority of programs have an environmental theme associated with them, and strive to help kids learn and get involved in the ecosystem with a hands-on experiential approach.
  • National Honor Societies: In collaboration with a cohort of national partners, Seaside is currently working on two different national programs. These programs are similar to the National Honor Society but are more focused towards students’ specific talents. These societies will include students from elementary, middle, and high school as well as students on the college level. Our National Honor Societies will provide recognition to students pursuing achievement in education, and encourages civic engagement, leadership, and provides resources to develop skills, solutions, and community involvement
  • Consulting and Facility/Campus Evaluations: Seaside consults with schools, providing professional assistance to support school-wide environmental behavioral changes, teaching the best practices of greening their institutional behaviors, helping to manage and develop projects, and evaluating their campus level of sustainability. We call upon our vast network of local, regional, and national partners to connect clients with additional resources and opportunities that can be adapted to address specific needs. Magers has worked with over 150 schools around the country helping many receive coveted recognition and national awards.
  • School-based Sustainability Program Management: Our Sustainability Program Management Initiative is built on the foundation of project management, leadership, and sustainability. It provides structure and resources to manage inquiry-based projects at all three school levels: elementary, middle, and high school. This program uses five elements - Green Scholars, Green Apprentices, Projects, Program Management and Facility/Campus/School Evaluation - to pursue its goal. A school can utilize these elements by inputting them in a course structure or projects within their curriculum in order to make their school more sustainable.
  • Marine Sciences: Seaside Sustainability collaborates with local, regional, and national partners to work on projects in the area of marine sciences. We are working on many different projects, including marine debris assessment and mitigation, mudflat acidification testing, flora and fauna studies, invasive species assessment and mitigation, lobstering, and coastal cleanups.
  • Navigator USA: Seaside plans on collaborating with Paul Franklin to start a local chapter of Navigator USA on Cape Ann. This is an alternative to scouting with a mission to help children and their parents spend more time outdoors. It encourages people to get to know what nature has to offer while getting to know each other, promoting a sense of community and sustainability.
  • Kayaking" Seaside is working on developing a kayak company out of Cape Ann that will take kids and adults on kayak tours and trips around the coast. Through this program, people will be exposed to the marine environment and wildlife, and will have the option to participate in the company’s clean up days. The program aims to encourage people to form connections with the marine environment, helping to promote an awareness of sustainability in all participants.

Majors Suited:

Students that will find success and enjoyment in an intern role with Seaside Sustainability include those with majors in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Marketing, Liberal Studies, Writing, Journalism, Education (especially non-traditional, non-classroom), Environmental Studies (wide spectrum), Adventure Education, Outdoor Leadership, or Digital Communication & Multimedia, though all majors are welcome and encouraged to apply!  

Building Teams & Collaboration:

One of our principle goals we have for our interns at Seaside is to provide authentic real-world leadership, teamwork, and collaboration opportunities.  To meet this goal, we have put a structure in place where interns that report to the local office manage and work in small teams with interns that are working with us remotely. This structure provides a collaborative and cohesiveness to our management style, allowing for interns to take on leadership roles while collaborating with their peers.  


Interns working for our organization will be provided their own Seaside Sustainability email account.  

Internship Skills Learned & Organizational Parameters:

Depending on individual learning goals, interns will be exposed to a wide range of experiences and opportunities.

  1. Seaside interns will practice and refine skills inherent to an internship position, such as:

    1. how to engage at work and present oneself professionally

    1. navigate career-based decision making and practice self-sufficiency

  1. Seaside Directors will provide work that is intrinsically meaningful and relevant; role will provide intern with valuable and applicable skills for entering—and succeeding in—the workforce (i.e. practice project & team management, develop strong networking contacts)

  1. Directors will provide interns with opportunities to work on environmental projects, participate in meetings, and shadow leaders; interns will be given the opportunity to make strategic decisions throughout the experience.

  1. Seaside interns will be able to structure a work schedule around own individual or school/work program needs.  Authentic, pertinent work will be available throughout the period of the internship.

  1. Depending on specific interests and internship goals, supervision will be provided by one of two organization directors, both are professionals with educational backgrounds and expertise in their fields.  Formative evaluation throughout the experience will provide interns with constructive feedback, and guidance to refine knowledge, skills, goals and accomplishments.


The Rockport office is being graciously donated to the team by realtors from Remax by the Sea, who are supportive and accommodating.  We must, at all costs, protect this relationship. So it is of the utmost importance that we respect the space, the Remax employees, and the owner, Mike Beaton!   Interns will need to have access to their own laptop when working in the office. The office environment is light and fun, so dress comfortably; we do not have a specific dress code, although please be clean and neat. We have a mini fridge and microwave that we can use and there are a couple of restaurants nearby. There is free parking nearby.

Testimonials from Our Interns:

“Working at Seaside has been a unique opportunity because I've been able to gain experience in nonprofit business development for a company that actually performs impactful work in the local community. Their commitment to a positive experience for their interns is as fervent as their passion for environmental sustainability.”  - EJ Kelley

“My favorite thing about interning at Seaside Sustainability is that I am not given mundane tasks, but instead I am working on sustainability projects with substance. Even as interns, we really get to be a part of making positive changes in the community around us!”   - Molly Jones

“The best part about interning at Seaside Sustainability is the fact that everyone working there is so passionate about the work that is being done. Seaside is such a collaborative space, where everyone’s opinions are heard and accounted for, which makes the work enjoyable and engaging for everyone.”   - John Dello Russo